A team dedicated to empowering dutch leaders in tech through the connections we make, the resources we build and collaborations we strengthen.


We have a thematic and systematic approach to make sure we provide real impact


There are areas where we can see that a lack of knowledge-sharing is holding a sector back; a large part of our approach is connecting people to share insights and learn together.


We connect the ecosystem nationally and internationally. Whether it's bringing together scaleups to new markets or regional organisations to share expertise. We do this to build a single united ecosystem so we can all create better conditions and overcome challenges together.


Through the work we do we spot bottlenecks that need addressing. Through our projects and programmes, we intervene and work together with founders and stakeholders to devise a new reality where success is more likely to occur. Whether that's increasing chances of funding, finding the best talent, or entering new markets.

Some of the companies we work with

We are providing unprecedented support for the most promising scaleups in the Netherlands. Here are some we have already worked with.

Meet the team

Our supervisory board

  1. Techleap

    Corinne Vigreux

    Co-Founder @TomTom
  2. Techleap

    Gillian Tans

    Chairwoman @Booking.com
  3. Techleap

    Steven Schuurman

    Founder & Board Member - Elastic
  4. Techleap

    Jaap Beernink

    CEO - Novel-T
  5. Techleap

    Gerdine Keijzer-Baldé

    Deputy Secretary-General at EZK

Meet the team

  1. Techleap

    Maurice van Tilburg

    Managing Director & Domain Leader Capital
  2. Techleap

    Constantijn van Oranje

    Special Envoy
  3. Techleap

    Pauline van Tol

  4. Techleap

    Myrthe Hooijman

    Director Policy & Governmental Affairs
  5. Techleap

    Marloes Mantel

    Domain Leader Talent
  6. Techleap

    Wibe van der Vijver

    Domain Leader Markets
  7. Techleap

    Tjarda Voorneman

    Lead Techleap.nl Rise Programme
  8. Techleap

    Koen Maaskant

    Research Director
  9. Techleap

    George Fisher-Wilson

    Head of Marketing & Communications
  10. Techleap

    Ingrid van Rest

    Lead Project Management
  11. Techleap

    Leonie Timmermans

    Batch Manager Rise programme
  12. Techleap

    Jitske van Os

    Project Manager - Markets
  13. Techleap

    Esther van der Meulen

    PA special envoy
  14. Techleap

    Sebastiaan Roebroek

    Program Manager Talent
  15. Techleap

    Bella Suwarso

    Data Analyst
  16. Techleap

    Xander Visser

    Data Analyst
  17. Techleap

    Pauline Biard

    Communications & Content Manager
  18. Techleap

    Giada Sabbion

    Program Manager - Talent
  19. Techleap

    Thomas Vrolijk

    Governmental Affairs Officer
  20. Techleap

    Julia Knoeff

    Program Manager Access to Markets
  21. Techleap

    Peter Jan Kok

    Batch Manager Rise Programme
  22. Techleap

    Coralie Dodds

    Event & Project Manager
  23. Techleap

    Evelien de Vries

    Program Manager Capital | Legal Counsel
  24. Techleap

    Sabine Kerssens

    Data Analyst
  25. Techleap

    Caro Sandrin

    Assistant Controller
  26. Techleap

    Rob van Eerden

    Office Manager
  27. Techleap

    Zoë Sabajo

    Project Manager Talent
  28. Techleap

    Stefanie Driever

    Project Manager
  29. Techleap

    Jurriaan Graaff

    Interim Director - Talent
  30. Techleap

    Marloes Grutter

    Project Manager - Markets
  31. Techleap

    Kimberley Galenkamp

    Project Manager - Capital
  32. Techleap

    Elin Fälted

    Expert - Capital
  33. Techleap

    Anne Strobos

    Director Technologies
  34. Techleap

    Frederick Rustler

    Scaleup Scout