Pole Position

In short

Being a deeptech entrepreneur can be challenging. Developing your technology, accessing the market, and scaling your business require high ambition levels, focus, and patience. With Pole Position, we will bring you into contact with the right (inter)national experts, link you with peer and serial entrepreneurs, and set you in the right starting pole position.


Getting deeptech stars ahead of the race

Pole Position is a joint initiative between Techleap.nl and four incubators, namely YES!Delft, UtrechtInc, Braventure and NovelT. This pilot will help 10 deeptech startups grow and will focus on facilitating national and international connections, peer-to-peer learning, and access to the best experts. Pole Position has a thematic approach, Healthtech being the first focus theme of this initiative.


Who is the programme for?

For our 1st batch, we select early-stage healthtech companies with a B2B deeptech focus (Medtech & diagnostics, AI, blockchain, IoT, advanced materials, etc.). Pole Position adds most value to companies with technological proof of concept, thorough market validation, and who speed up towards a series A in the coming 2 years.


The criteria

Your company should:

  • Fit the healthtech theme
  • Have a scientific, technology basis
  • Have found your problem-solution fit
  • Have found your beachhead market
  • Have a TRL 4+
  • Have a pre-series A funding

Note: The final list of 10 participants will be announced during the Selection Day, beginning of September (exact date to be announced).


  • Fill in the form via the button below and we will get in touch with you.

    Application deadline: September 3rd, 2021.

    Note: We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion, and therefore encourage applications from founding teams with a wide array of backgrounds. 

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  • We do not seek equity. There are no participation costs involved for the scaleups, besides travel expenses and/or accommodation.

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  • Once you submit your application, your candidature will be thoroughly reviewed by a group of experts. You will get an answer on their decision on the Selection Day.

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  • Pole Position adds the most value to companies that: have proven their technological proof of concept; have done thorough market validation (and know their business model and customer); are ready to speed up towards a substantial series A investment.

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  • Yes, however we focus on specific themes to create added value among peers and address similar bottlenecks. The first theme will be focused on healthtech. In case you are interested in joining the initiative but do not fit this batch, please contact our project manager at iris@techleap.nl. 

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  • We are happy to answer them! Please reach out to our project manager Iris at iris@techleap.nl.