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Techleap’s GoGlobal platform provides all the information to accelerate your global expansion. Want to be informed when the website launches? And be the first to receive tips on how to expand to certain regions, find lots of useful market insights, get all answers to your questions on how, when, and where to expand to, and much more.

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Scaleup Global Tour

Once a year we host the Scaleup Global Tour bringing together international experts to share their stories and learnings when entering new strategic markets like the US, UK, Germany and more.

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  • The Startup Employment Report 2020

    The Startup Employment Report 2020

    The second edition of our report on Dutch startup jobs in partnership with and CBRE finds that startups are the number one job growth engine in the Netherlands. 

  • The Startup Employment Report 2019

    The Startup Employment Report 2019

    Our 2019 startup employment report, focusing on the economic impact of startups in the Netherlands.

  • Action Plan 2020
    Techleap Action Plan 2020

    An outline of our plans for 2020 including key overviews, analysis of the ecosystem, and end goals for 2023.


  • We provide structural support through our programs and initiatives, therefore we don’t take unsolicited inquiries. To stay up-to-date on our latest programs sign up for our newsletter.

  • Check out (Launching Dec. 2020)

  • Yes, go to (Launching Dec. 2020) and check out the regional page for events in the following regions: US, UK, Germany, France, Singapore.

  • We don’t have people from Techleap abroad. There is, however, a startup liaison network and embassy network from the Dutch Government that can help you with your questions for specific regions.