Connector for Investors


How it looks like

The Connector consists of both companies and investors that are actively looking to build long-term relationships and expand their network. They are working on or investing in technologies with the strong belief that this will positively impact the world of tomorrow and that by working together they can build the future.

Our members have a collaborative, founder-first approach, demonstrating integrity and supportive mindset in their way of working. We refer to our investor pledge on how we like to work with investors. 

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The following criteria apply for companies curated by an expert jury:

  • Dutch HQ
  • Develop a a key technology that is considered hightech/deeptech (see FAQ below on scope) 
  • Preferably hardware-focussed
  • VC-fundable 
  • Raising a next round series A+ from deep tech investors from Europe and/or the US


The Connector is useful for investors with the following profile:

  • HQ in The Netherlands, Europe or the US
  • A mandate to invest in Dutch companies
  • Preferably are VCs or CVCs (see FAQ on other kinds of investors)
  • Actively investing in deep tech (see FAQ on scope)
  • Looking to get an overview of the Dutch deep tech ecosystem
  • Investing in series A or above
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    How does it work

    STEP 1:
    Sign up via the link below and create a profile in max 5 min.

    STEP 2:
    Our team will review whether you are a fit. When you’re approved, you will be able to connect with companies and other investors on the platform. Startups/scaleups and investors will be vetted and added on a rolling basis. See FAQ for more.

    STEP 3:
    You have the opportunity to be part of online and offline networking events for both startups and investors.

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    • A technology solution based on a transformative (meaning: redefining markets and/or industry processes) scientific discovery OR engineering innovation  (that requires years of research / is protected by patents) to solve global problems. 

      Technologies that we consider deep tech:
      - Quantum computing
      - Advanced materials
      - Nanotechnology
      - Semiconductors
      - Robotics
      - Biotech
      - Photonics & Electronics

      We also like the following technologies but will require a closer look:
      - Energy generation & storage
      - Medtech
      - Healthtech
      - Cutting-edge AI
      - Hardware platforms (drones, AR, VR)
      - Spacetech
      - IoT
      - 3D Printing

    • No, you can see an overview of the companies, but they do not see your profile. However, you can indicate that the company can contact you if you’re interested, they will then receive your name, information about your fund and contact information. During offline events this of course does not apply.  

    • No, unfortunately not yet. However, please do contact us if interested by mailing In case we expand the focus of the platform we’ll reach out to you.