In short

Compass is focused and pragmatic - designed for busy leaders across the business - not just CEOs and founders.

Compass runs from 10 March - 11 May 2021.

10 Dutch scale-ups will be selected to join Compass. Places on the programme are fully subsidised.

Compass will deliver 30 hours of strategic one-to-one support and 12 hours of interactive group sessions from world-leading experts over two months.

Compass will create a market intelligence report for your company to help inform which country you scale to.

Compass will deliver an execution plan to minimise your risk, cost and time to market.

Why Compass?

Compass is a high-impact programme that supports tech leaders with their global scaling ambitions. By the end of the programme, you’ll know where you're going and the rationale behind why and where you should go. You’ll have a clear roadmap on what your company needs to start this journey confidently. Most of all, you’ll have a team that can apply best-practice knowledge to your expansion plans


Who is Compass for?

You already know that your future success lies beyond the domestic market and you’re gearing up for global growth. The Compass programme not only provides you with the business intelligence you need but gives you access to a hugely experienced world-class team whose invaluable expertise will help you to deliver operational excellence. 


Meet Compass participants: 


  • Compass is a fully subsidised programme meaning there is no cost to participate. The results of the programme will be turned into case studies in order to benefit the broader Dutch tech ecosystem. 

  • The Compass programme focuses primarily on the exploration of new markets and internationalisation whereas the Rise programme looks at the broader scaling process.

    In addition, scaleups will benefit mainly from expert advice rather than the peer-to-peer network within the Compass programme. In the Rise programme the peer-to-peer network is the dominant factor. 

  • It is worth applying to the programme if your scaleup hits 3 out of the 5 selection criteria. Please note: the application process for Compass is now closed. 

  • Yes, the dates for the sessions are fixed.

  • Your attendance at all of the sessions is mandatory. If a founder or c-level representative is unavailable to attend a programme session, you must ensure an appropriate member of the senior management team attends. If two programme sessions are unattended in a row we may suspend your access to our services and your further participation in the programme.

  • We have designed a methodology to share best-practice when scaling internationally. This is then adjusted according to each companies individual’s needs. Most of the programme is delivered in one-to-one sessions to deliver the best benefit.

  • In case you have already applied to the Rise programme in the past 2 months and would like to reuse your application, please get in touch with Peter Jan Kok via
    Please note: the application for Compass has now closed.