We’re a team dedicated to connecting and empowering tech founders and CxOs in the Netherlands!

 We run programmes, host events, create and share resources, work with VCs and LPs, collaborate with the government on startup policy, and make meaningful connections
to help startups grow.


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    Some of the companies we work with

    We are providing unprecedented support for the most promising scaleups in the Netherlands. Here are some we have already worked with.

    Meet the team

    Our supervisory board

    1. Techleap

      Corinne Vigreux

      Co-Founder @TomTom
    2. Techleap

      Gillian Tans

      Former CEO at Booking.com & Founder of DiversityHero
    3. Techleap

      Steven Schuurman

      Founder & Board Member - Elastic
    4. Techleap

      Jaap Beernink

      CEO - Novel-T
    5. Techleap

      Gerdine Keijzer-Baldé

      Deputy Secretary-General at EZK

    Meet the team

    1. Techleap

      Maurice van Tilburg

      Managing Director & Domain Leader Capital
    2. Techleap

      Constantijn van Oranje

      Special Envoy
    3. Techleap

      Myrthe Hooijman

      Director Policy & Governmental Affairs
    4. Techleap

      Tjarda Voorneman

      Head of Programmes and Services
    5. Techleap

      Ingrid van Rest

      Lead Project Management
    6. Techleap

      Esther van der Meulen

      PA special envoy
    7. Techleap

      Pauline Biard

      Communications & Content Manager
    8. Techleap

      Thomas Vrolijk

      Governmental Affairs Officer
    9. Techleap

      Peter Jan Kok

      Project manager Connector
    10. Techleap

      Zoë Sabajo

      DEI Project Lead
    11. Techleap

      Annemieke Wisse

      Programme Manager
    12. Techleap

      Iris Visser

      Project Manager
    13. Techleap

      Sylvie van der Linden

      Social Media Manager
    14. Techleap

      Jaron Weishut

      Lead Science-to-Impact
    15. Techleap

      Eva Bandelj

      Engagement Manager
    16. Techleap

      Lech Bakhuizen van den Brink

      Batch Manager Pole Position
    17. Techleap

      Peter Maarten Westerhout

    18. Techleap

      Mila Jovićević

      Programme Lead
    19. Techleap

      Kimberley Galenkamp

      Project Manager
    20. Techleap

      Sigrid Ploeger

      Senior Project Manager
    21. Techleap

      Dan Fennessy

      Community Lead
    22. Techleap

      Natasja Marchese

      Batch Manager
    23. Techleap

      Ingrid Tappin

      Director Inclusive Leadership & Culture
    24. Techleap

      Davinia Levie

      Senior Community & Event manager
    25. Techleap

      Kuca Sandrin

      Project Manager
    26. Techleap

      Arjan Goudsblom

      Connector Technologies
    27. Techleap

      Marcus van Wely

      Product Owner
    28. Techleap

      Maha Gadher

      Partnership manager
    29. Techleap

      Danny Littiere

      Financial controller
    30. Techleap

      Flora ten Hagen

      Project manager