Expert consultations

Apply for and learn more about our network of organisations offering (free) assistance during this time. Real experts offering actionable advice so your company can best handle the current uncertainty.

EYnovation session to learn more about government incentives

Want to know more about the government incentives from a startup or scaleup perspective? Join EY’s well-known startup team EYnovation as they host a series round tables of max 10 startups.

Experienced startup experts (legal, tax, finance) will explain the current status of support measures such as ‘NOW’, fiscal regulations specifically for you. The power of such a small group session is that multiple experts of EY will be present, you can share and learn from each other and build your network. You can send in questions upfront as well as during the session. 

Expertise: The EYnovation team with extensive startup and scale-up expertise in legal, tax and finance.
NL Groeit connects you to its network of experts

An entrepreneur with an annual turnover of 1M+? Would you like to discuss Corona related challenges with an experienced mentor? NLGroeit offers to connect you with their prestigious network of experts who can provide insights, advise and connect you with relevant partners during this time.

Expertise: Wide-ranging
One-on-one consulting sessions with KPMG experts

As a founding partner of TQ, KPMG is an active member of the Dutch startup ecosystem. As such, we're eager to offer our help to startups and scale-ups from the entire ecosystem in these challenging times. Through one-on-one consulting sessions, you'll be able to get actionable feedback from one of our 3000+ experts. Do you have a question that's not listed in the expertise below? Feel free to reach out anyway and we will see what we can do.

Expertise: financials & cash flow, people management, fiscal & government support, business development. 
People Masterminds
Get the right knowledge & skills with People Masterminds

People Masterminds gears up startups and scaleups for fast and strong growth. From creating amazing people & culture strategies during hyper-growth to temporary downscaling due to unforeseen circumstances. With extensive experience within scaleups such as Bynder, Backbase, Tony’s Chocolonely, Blendle, Freshbooks, Castor and 3D Hubs you will have the right knowledge and skills at your service in these turbulent times.

Expertise: People management in times of crisis, Change management, Culture
Get free and personal subsidy scan with PNO Consultants

As a leading grants and innovation consultancy in the Netherlands and Europe, PNO Consultants knows all about public incentive schemes. In these exceptional times, this serves us well, as we receive many questions about additional government measures relating to the corona crisis.

Are you, as a tech-startup, experiencing major financial problems as a result of the corona crisis? Then we’d like to offer you a personal subsidy scan – free of any costs and obligations.

Expertise: Public and private funding, legal, tax
High-quality 1-on-1 meetings with Tekdelta great network

Despite the coronavirus outbreak, TekDelta wants to continue connecting large organizations and startups/scaleups. Large organizations are still looking for collaborations and can offer assistance to smaller organizations with concrete measures. Startups can sign up for free and get access to our partner organizations. Based on mutual needs, we organize high-quality 1-on-1 meetings between these startups and our great network of innovation and/or startup liaison managers.


Expertise: Matchmaking between tech startups and Dutch corporates
VESPER Advocaten
VESPER Advocaten assists in applying for COVID-19 Emergency Measures

VESPER Advocaten assists in applying for COVID-19 Emergency Measures issued by the Dutch government, free of charge. Of all support regulations due to the coronavirus outbreak, most attention is paid to the Temporary Measure Bridging for Work Preservation (NOW). On the basis of the new regulation, employers can apply for a 3-months’ contribution to wage costs from the UWV if they expect a loss of turnover of at least 20%.

VESPER Advocaten LLP is happy to support and facilitate entrepreneurs, free of charge, in applying for these allowances or otherwise with regard to the package of emergency measures. 

Expertise: M&A, Corporate & Contract law.
TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations
Expertise: Innovation, Technical product validation
Novel T joins forces to help entrepreneurs with hands-on support

The measures to counter the further spread of the Covid-19 (Corona) virus are taken a step further every day. The shutdown of our society creates immediate problems for many companies, large and small. For example, problems in the financial or legal field and issues concerning over- or under the capacity of employees. During this period, we want to use the expertise that we have in-house at Novel-T in the field of innovative entrepreneurship, to help companies with their challenges caused by the Covid-19 situation. Novel-T and its partners such as RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) are therefore joining forces to help entrepreneurs in the region with hands-on support. This assistance consists of providing the correct information, 1-on-1 advice and sounding board groups (online), and helping with applications for government arrangements. Entrepreneurs who want to have a 1-on-1 conversation can apply. Questions will be forwarded to the relevant expert so that a meeting can be scheduled.

Free consult and support for your international talent by Settly
Free consult and support for your international talent by Settly
Expertise: Global Talent, Relocation, Housing, Payroll & Tax
Innovate with digital technology and data with Considerati
Innovate with digital technology and data with Considerati
Technology and data create opportunities for every organization. And can make a huge difference these days! How to stay in control with innovations that may create legal issues and friction with interests in society? Considerati is the legal and public affairs consultancy for the digital world. In three specialized teams, we help organizations to innovate with digital technology and data:
  • Legal: for compliance with privacy and data (related) rules and regulations
  • Responsible Tech: for an ethical compass when innovating with data and algorithms
  • Public Affairs: for stakeholder and government relations on technology and innovations
Your question will be forwarded to an advisor specialized in one of these fields of expertise who will schedule a (virtual) meeting with you.
Expertise: Legal, Privacy, Ethics, Public Affairs
Build and validate your international strategy with DutchBasecamp
Build and validate your international strategy with DutchBasecamp
Thinking about scaling internationally? Now could be the perfect time to build a solid and validated international strategy. DutchBasecamp helps startups and scale-ups to do just that. We offer practical tools and demand-driven programmes to define the right target markets and go-to-market strategy for your solution, such as 1-on-1 coaching by seasoned entrepreneurs, experienced in international expansion. Bonus: if your company meets the requirements, most services can be subsidised by the Dutch government. Apply to connect, we're happy to support any way we can or help you.
Expertise: International growth, target market definition, go-to-market strategy, global network