The Dutch Ecosystem

The Netherlands continues to grow as one of the fastest rising startup hubs in Europe

From creating multiple unicorns per year to leading in emerging deep tech technologies. The Netherlands combination of a healthy business climate, established financial industry and high ranking academic institutions make it the home for startup success.


#1 fastest growing startup ecosystem in Europe (Amsterdam)

#1 Most connected economy in the world

#4 Most Innovative Economy in the World

#3 Globally for Ease of Doing Digital Business

The Action Plan 2020

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The Dutch market contains a solid digital and physical infrastructure as the landing spot for European expansion, with over 250 million consumers within 1000 kilometres. Nationally surrounded by more than 450 multinationals like Philips, Heineken, and Unilever, as well as some of the largest tech giants like, Tesla, and Adyen.

Ecosystem Challenges

  • International market access

  • Access to partners
Go-to-market knowledge

8+ Innovation Hubs

400+ Venture Capitalist Funds

€1.8 Billion Invested So Far This Year

85+ Accelerators and Incubators



Did you know the Tech Ecosystem in the Netherlands employs 69,000 people? Over 1,661 tech companies, covering a vast spectrum from seed startups to scaleups like Picnic and Swapfiets, to established tech companies like Elastic, Uber, and


  • Creating a more diverse and inclusive ecosystem
  • Bringing international talent to the Netherlands
  • A sensible stock option policy and taxation

The Netherlands tech ecosystem is growing faster than any individual industry

"13,000 new jobs added in the last two years, making startups the economy’s #1 job growth engine, well ahead of any traditional sectors. Interestingly, companies younger than 5 years add most jobs"



The Netherlands has a thriving capital climate. With over 400+ active Venture Capital Funds. In 2019 over €1 billion was raised by Dutch startups from national and international investors.


  • Increasing Dutch VCs participation in late-stage investment
  • Involvement of Dutch institutional investors
  • Tracking early-stage investment

Investment per industry in the Netherlands (2019)

Enterprise software €379m
Health €339m
Food €288m
Fintech €139m
Travel  €84.4m
Transportation €83.4m

Tech Transfer


All 13 Dutch research universities are ranked in the world’s top 200 universities and amongst the best in Europe*. 


  • Creating entrepreneurial cultures within universities
  • Converting academic success to business success
  • Funding timeline for deep tech innovations

Explore university research in the Netherlands

There are 265,157 publications and 69,498 projects data expressed in the Science Finder