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Iris Visser - George Fisher-Wilson

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

We believe getting in touch with the most promising tech companies should be simple - and free. This talent pool is a not-for-profit initiative to support the Dutch tech community.

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  • Benefit from a highly secure closed community πŸ”€

With first-class start and scaleups, selected by VC’s that exchange valued talent among each other to build stronger teams and find the right place for new employees.Β 

  • Access to global talent πŸ“‘

Which finally is in The Netherlands now to be used by the best companies.Β 

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Marloes Mantel, Talent director

"We set up the Talent Pool as we want it to be easy and simple for talented people all over the world to join the Netherlands leading scaleups changing the world. We curate the companies and the talent so that we know the perfect matches can be made. The platform is completely free and our focus is only on helping make meaningful connections."

πŸ’‘ Who we are

The Shared Talent pool is an initiative of

We are We're a team passionate about making the Netherlands become the no.1 tech ecosystem in the world. Funded by the Dutch government we accelerate the ecosystem and improve access to talent, capital, networks, knowledge and markets.Β 

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