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George Fisher-Wilson

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Setting up a startup might seem easier than ever before but successfully growing one to a size that matters is not. With the Rise program, wants to support your company to overcome your biggest challenges and to give you the insights and connections you need to scale successfully. Rise is an ambitious program launched with top entrepreneurs like Pieter van der Does (Adyen), Ali Niknam (bunq), Steven Schuurman (Elastic), Chris Hall (Bynder), Michiel Muller (Picnic) and Gillian Tans ( to help the most promising scale-ups in the Netherlands to grow faster internationally.

What's Rise?

This program is designed to help the Netherlands’ most promising scale-ups and is open for applications four times a year. Every quarter, we open the applications around a specific theme in order to select 10 to 15 scaleups. Meet Batch #1 and Batch #2.

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What does it involve?

The Rise program is all about giving insights and making connections.

  •  Discover your opportunities and challenges 🔍

The program begins with a data-driven analysis of your company. Experienced entrepreneurs go through the results with you to spot growth blockers and opportunities. Building a foundation to work from as you move forward in the program.

  • Learn from the best 🥇

You will join 5 expert sessions with leading scale coaches and your peers. You will be able to get answers to your questions about being ready for real growth on talent, capital and going international with people who have gone through it before and with operational experts. Previous scale experts include Pieter van der Does (Adyen), Ali Niknam (bunq), Steven Schuurman (Elastic), Chris Hall (Bynder), Michiel Muller (Picnic) and Gillian Tans (

  • Open up and grow your network 🎰

You will be able to explore fundamental growth challenges with peers who are going through the same challenges as you. Discuss growth barriers and build a support network of C-level entrepreneurs.

  • Confirm your place as a tech leader 🚀

We will help raise your profile nationally and internationally directly through our own Marketing and Communications activities and indirectly through our network of media partners, multinational corporations and government contacts.

  • Connection Day - a Techleap event 🤝

Towards the end of the formal program, you will be invited to Connection Day where you will be able to present your company to people you think can have a real impact on your business. Whether that’s an investor you think is a perfect fit or a corporate partner you want to build a great partnership with.

  • The support doesn’t stop 🛠

The support doesn’t stop when the sessions end. Being selected for Rise gives you continued access to curated opportunities and unique offers of support.

Made your mind up?

See if your startup qualifies and apply here

Who is the program for?

Rise helps the Netherlands’ most promising tech companies to scale so you must meet most of the following criteria:

  • Currently raising or preparing to raise €10M+ with their next round (likely to have been funded €1-5M previously).
  • Or revenue-focused, generating annual revenues of over €1M.
  • 10+ FTE.
  • Minimum 50% year on year growth.
  • A clear understanding of product/service and market you serve. Rise adds the most value for companies who: 

  • Significantly need to increase their team.
  • Want to expand their markets and rapidly grow internationally.
  • Need to attract serious growth capital.
  • Want to map their scaling journey. 
  • Aim to be a global force in their industry.


Final approval and selection will be done by an experienced independent selection committee. Approval will be based on the overall value proposition, traction, potential to scale theme and program fit. Also, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion, and therefore encourage applications from founding teams with a wide array of backgrounds.


  • Apply via the form.
  • After approval, you get an invitation to meet the selection committee.
  • Every quarter we engage 10-15 companies per batch with our approach.
  • There is no cost to the scaleups (except travel/ accommodation for trips) we do not seek equity.

Timeline Rise program - Batch #2 "Flattening the climate curve"

  • 10.08 Wednesday: Deadline applications
  • 28.08 Friday: Selection Day
  • 17.09 Thursday: Kick-off dinner (location TBD)
  • 22.09 Tuesday: session 1
  • 29.09 Tuesday: session 2
  • 06.10 Tuesday: session 3
  • 27.10 Tuesday: session 4
  • 03.11 Tuesday: session 5
  • 17.11 Tuesday: Connection Day

Meet Batch #1

Meet the 10 scaleups and their founders who joined #TechleapRise program in Q2 2020.

Meet Batch #2

Meet the 11 scaleups and their founders who joined #TechleapRise program in Q3 2020.

Connection Day - Aftermovie