Meet the Dutch Tech Heroes Fighting COVID-19. Today Janneke van den Heuvel, CEO Aura Aware Updates

Meet the #DutchTechHeroes Fighting COVID-19. Today Janneke van den Heuvel, CEO Aura Aware

Rutger Huizenga

Friday, May 8, 2020

Dutch Tech Heroes Fighting COVID-19 is a new initiative to showcase the startups which contribute to the fight against the coronavirus through their services and products. By answering three simple questions, they provide insight into how they help us survive and fight the COVID-19 pandemic. In our series, we have Janneke van den Heuvel, CEO Aura Aware 

👩 Who are you?

“I am part of a team of five seasoned entrepreneurs brought together by a mutual investor who decided that unprecedented times require unprecedented solutions. Jointly we went on a mission to make the six feet society a pleasant one. Along the way, more entrepreneurs and investors joined the team to create something amazing. And it only just begun! We will launch our "6 foot movement", an initiative to bring meaningful and profitable work to production facilities and people that need it most.”

 🥊 How do you help fight COVID-19?

Our patented technology scans the room to detect if anyone is within the 6 feet distance. A red alert warns employees and customers when they have gotten too close. We empower humanity to come together- at exactly the right distance. Not by locking-up or creating physical barriers, but by preserving awareness, causing alertness and offering a third eye, which respects social distance. Society may lose its hugs, handshakes and the encouraging tap on the shoulder. But it will never lose its dignity. Aura Aware will make sure of that.”

🔍 What do you need to increase your impact on this crisis?

“We believe that what we all entrepreneurs need right now is a fundamental change in the way we do business. In these unprecedented times, the world needs new ways of collaboration, sharing, and openness to achieve innovation at a speed we never saw before. Collective results are now more important than individual success. To enable this we introduced the 6-foot movement in which we share knowledge, resources, and IP with other companies that can contribute to our goal; making the 6-foot society a pleasant one.”

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