Meet the Dutch Tech Heroes Fighting COVID-19. Today Hicham Shatou, CEO LeQuest. Updates

Meet the Dutch Tech Heroes Fighting COVID-19. Today Hicham Shatou, CEO LeQuest.

Rutger Huizenga

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Dutch Tech Heroes Fighting COVID-19 is a new initiative to showcase the startups which contribute to the fight against the coronavirus through their services and products. By answering three simple questions, they provide insight into how they help us survive and fight the COVID-19 pandemic. In our series, we have Hicham Shatou,  CEO of LeQuest.

👨 Who are you?

My name is Hicham Shatou and I’m CEO of LeQuest. LeQuest is the leading simulation training platform for medical technology. Our mission is to prevent medical errors and improve patient safety. We saw in 2011 medical staff struggling to use advanced medical devices in urgent situations. We realized that the root issue stemmed from training not adequately preparing medical staff. It simply did not reflect real-world realities or cover the full performance opportunities offered by the latest technology. We are an end-to-end development and delivery partner working hand-in-hand with healthcare institutions and medical device manufacturers to improve medical device training and unlock the full potential of today’s technology while enabling medical staff to reach their maximum potential. By completing our e-training they quickly gain confidence, knowledge and competence in a safe environment, without the need to travel for classroom training. LeQuest was recently recognized as one of the 250 fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands for 2020.”

 🥊 How do you help fight COVID-19?

“LeQuest finds itself in a unique position to provide the necessary support for hospitals that urgently require training specifically for the additionally needed medical devices (ventilators, monitors, infusion pumps) in the fight against COVID-19. We also support the back-up and scale-up of ICU capacity by training ICU staff on respiratory OR equipment. We are offering ’crisis essential’ e-training to all manufacturers and hospitals. We reacted immediately by extending our support to all the devoted medical staff persevering in the fight to help those affected by COVID-19 by providing them with the GE Healthcare Aisys CS2 e-training. We also have an ongoing collaboration with Ventinova Medical to develop an unique online simulation-based e-training! This 'crisis essential' e-training will enable front line medical staff to train and empower them in working with Evone® to save the lives of the patients in critical condition.”

🔍 What do you need to increase your impact on this crisis?

“We would like to expand our help globally to all hospitals and medical device manufacturers, as our e-training is available in multiple languages. We currently work with the biggest medical device manufacturers in the world, we have developed more than 80 simulation-based e-trainings and are active in over 15 global markets. We are offering ‘crisis essential’ e-training to the manufacturers to help them roll-out new equipment to support the scale-up of ICU and hospital capacity. This e-training is a short interactive training instead of the traditional manuals and movies. To speed up the process of scaling we need a central coordination and push the local government for funding for the development of more of those e-trainings. Right now we need to do everything to help the medical staff to be competent and confident in the daily battle against COVID-19.”


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