Market Entry Program: Germany

Monday, October 19, 2020

Are you a scaleup that flattens the climate curve? Are you currently strategizing your expansion to Germany? This digital Market Entry Program includes an exclusive Market Entry Strategy deep dive tailored to your needs . 

In collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Berlin we provide you with a comprehensive program to guide you through your market expansion.

Application deadline: October 29th


- You are a Dutch mature Scale-up ready for German market entry (ex. ~ 10+ employees, proven product-market fit in NL, tech-driven)

- You belong to one of the following ‘Flattening the Climate curve’ sectors: Innovative Mobility, Smart homes & Smart cities, Sustainable Energy Generation, Industry 4.0: optimization and upcycling, Energy efficiency: Distribution & Storage and Digitalization

- Available with C-level representation during:

November: An intake to assess the strategy panel fit 

December 2nd + December 9th (2 X 2 hours): The market entry sessions

December/January: A 60-minute expert panel to strategize your tailored Go-2-German-Market strategy

The Program

  1. An exclusive tailor-made Market Entry Strategy deep dive

When? 60 minutes in December/January. 

A select group of scaleups will get access to an in-depth market entry deep dive. These strategic deep dives are 60 minute sessions per scaleup with 2-3 experts (investors, government, corporates, entrepreneurs). It’s a unique opportunity to test, strengthen and move forward with your strategy for expansion. The aspects discussed can include: go-to-market strategy, choosing and approaching customers, product-market fit, choosing a region. The panels give you access to insights, network and business development. 

After the selection, we will perform intakes with selected companies to assess the fit for a strategy panel.

  1. Market Entry Sessions.

When? December 2nd, December 9th [9:00-11:00]. 

These market entry sessions help you with your strategy and market entry and include: 

-Ecosystem overview: Flattening the Climate Curve in Germany

- Deepdive: Germany and the USPs of the German regions

- Legal & Practical Insights

- Overview of the investor ecosystem

- Sales insights

- PeopleOps in Germany

Apply now before October 29th!

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