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Launching the Dutch Tech Ecosystem and COVID-19 Impact Report

George Fisher-Wilson

Friday, March 20, 2020

Startups and scaleups are sounding the alarm about the consequences of the coronavirus, according to research by among 400 startups and scale-ups. 80% cent of companies expect to get into financial difficulties due to the crisis. surveyed 400 startups and scale-ups about their challenges and concerns regarding corona. This shows that the corona crisis is already causing a direct delay in funding for about a third of start-ups and scale-ups. 66% say they urgently need money to bridge the next few months.

This research shows that startups face specific challenges from COVID-19. uses the inventory to think along with the ministries and other parties in the ecosystem about which emergency measures are needed for startups and scaleups to overcome their challenges in these hard times.

Download the report here

Dutch Tech Ecosystem and COVID-19 Impact Report

March 20

Get insights into startups biggest challenges due to the current situation.