International Mission to CES 2020


International Mission to CES 2020

Monday, October 14, 2019

The Future of Energy Transition & e-Mobility

Verticals: sustainability, smart mobility, energy storage, energy solutions, clean energy



Incooling has created the world´s first high pressure two-phase cooling system dedicated to cooling data centres.

Based on CERN cooling technology, we use the power of phase change cooling to transport the heat in a much faster, and energy-efficient way. Unlike traditional cooling systems, we only target the problem areas (hot spots) without having to cool the whole infrastructure around it. By utilizing the unique properties of high-pressure refrigerants, we can dissipate the excess heat of the computing units in a more direct, efficient way whilst creating an optimal thermal environment, ideal for processors with a high heat density.

Leyden Jar Technologies

Leyden Jar Technologies

Leyden Jar Technologies use silicon anode technology to improve the storage capacity of Li-ion batteries by up to 50%.

NOWI Energy

NOWI Energy

NOWI is enabling devices to live forever. Instead of continuously swapping batteries or wiring cables, NOWI is using the energy that is already available all around us. There is energy in light, RF and movement that we can use to power devices such a Smart Watches or Smart Home sensors

Skoon Energy

Skoon Energy

Skoon Energy: With the increasing demand for green energy, due to regulations or customer demand, a replacement for diesel generators and fossil fuel engines is needed. Containerized energy storage can be used on ships, festivals, construction sites, electricity grids, etc. Today, these large batteries can be applied to deliver peak power demand, or as a replacement of fossil-fuel-based energy sources. The focus of Skoon is to build a trusted community marketplace for businesses to offer, discover, and book energy storage for mobile and/or temporary applications.

Urban Mobility Systems

Urban Mobility Systems

Urban Mobility Systems makes business’ flow. UMS provides cleantech mobility engineering in the field of electric transportation, with a core focus on; Affordability, Scaleability and Quality. With a dedicated team of professionals, we are working on several projects around the globe. We deliver operational excellence — to provide viable answers to the most challenging zero-emission and autonomous solutions.

 XYZ Dynamics

XYZ Dynamics 

XYZ Dynamics Automotive hybridizes existing company vans in order to make these vehicles accessible in urban cities with the rise of zero-emission zones. An energy management system can guarantee that these vehicles will drive fully electric as a hybrid vehicle.

The Future of City Living and Circular Economy

Verticals: smart cities, sustainability, healthy living, energy transition



Hiber (formerly Magnitude Space) is a ‘NewSpace’ startup, founded and led by a dream team of satellite experts and tech entrepreneurs. These ‘Hibernauts’ are working on a moonshot goal: to launch and run a nano-satellite constellation in space, with the purpose to provide affordable and global connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

More than 40 employees work on the ground-breaking, patent-pending technology behind Hiber and Hiberband at its offices in Amsterdam and Delft.
To date, the company has managed to attract significant funding. This has meant that in November 2018 Hiber became the Netherlands’ first commercial satellite company, launching its first two nano-satellites into orbit.



Circularise:  Our economy is ‘linear’, meaning that raw materials are used to make a product, and after its use, any waste is thrown away. We at Circularise believe that by moving towards the circular economy these outcomes can be prevented. However, in order for that to happen, we need cooperation between manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, recyclers and other parties involved.

That’s the reason why we are developing a blockchain‑based communication protocol to promote value chain transparency without public disclosure of datasets or supply chain partners (focusing on textile, plastics & electronics). This system will allow these parties to increase trust in each other, increase transparency and allow them to communicate data that wasn’t accessible before, leading to an uptake of recycling, reusing and repurposing practices on a massive scale.



Coolfinity: In countries with limited power (on-grid or solar) cooling is a problem. Working under harsh tropical conditions Coolfinity saves lives through cooled medication & preventing food waste. The fridge needs 6 hours of power/day for 24 hours of cooling.


Hydraloop Systems

Hydraloop Systems: The line of Hydraloop systems are award-winning and certified domestic greywater recycling systems awarded the ‘Efficient Solution’ quality label. The Hydraloop has a stylish design, innovative patented technology, is easy to install, self-cleaning and has very low maintenance. It is fully automatic and its App assists in optimizing using recycled water. It is a ‘fit & forget’ smart consumer product that recycles 85% of all domestic water. Bath, shower and washing machine water are treated so it is clean, clear and safe and meets the highest international standards.

It’s re-used for toilet flushing, washing machine, garden irrigation and pool top-up. Hydraloop can generate a huge impact worldwide: greywater accounts for 60% of all waste-water discharged into the sewer but is perfect for recycling/reuse. Hydraloop offers to reduce mains water consumption by 45% (so UNSDG6 goal becomes more achievable) and the sewage system is taxed 45% less, so infrastructure of existing pipeline network can, therefore, provide more homes and in new housing estates a smaller network may suffice.



Lightwell is specialist in developing innovative sustainable solutions for Smart Cities. We shape the public space with our outdoor innovations. When implementing Smart City strategies, city planners are faced with the delicate task of creating urban space that enables EV-charging, 5G antennas, air-quality sensors whilst keeping it as clean and free of obstacles as possible. The Smart Lampposts of Lightwell helps to integrate multiple Smart City solutions.

We create open ecosystems for partners and work closely with (local) governments to create the best solutions for future generations. Approved be the Dutch electricity grid owners, it enables energy-transition policies. The circular and modular design guarantees decades of upgradability. Inform yourself of the possibilities Lightwell has to offer in making a tailor made design for your city.



Meatable makes 100% real, delicious, guilt-free meat, without the need to raise and slaughter livestock. With our proprietary, patented ‘one cell tech’, we are revolutionizing the meat industry’s impact on climate change and animal welfare. At the same time we increase food security, without compromising the culinary experience of eating tasty, real meat.

20 tree

20 tree Urban green spaces are crucial to mitigate heat waves, floods, storms, and air pollution. By combining satellite imagery and machine learning, maps and monitors the quantity and quality of vegetation within cities to improve decision making.

The Future of Consumer Tech and Smart Home

Verticals: AR/VR, e-Commerce, AI, blockchain, robotics, drones




AirBliss+: develops the most comfortable, safe & smart anti-pollution mask for prolonged & daily usage. Our solution addresses the pressing issues consumers have with existing masks and we aim to empower everyone taking actions to protect themselves.

DEN Smart Home

DEN Smart Home

DEN Smart Home: The smartes lock of the future: Grant access from far away; with the smart lock of DEN you can open the door for someone — from every location — via your smartphone. So you decide yourself via one push on the button who you let in or not. Next to that, you can choose to select others — think of colleagues — who gets access to the app so that they also can easily access the building without keys.



AurAir: With the new indoor air quality meter of AurAir it is now possible to closely monitor both CO2 and humidity levels in every room or space that is important to you. The AurAir meter fits in every power socket and is easy to read and understand for all.



i4Things: We make Smart Home easy for mass-market customers by taking away the complexity of multiple, mutually incompatible, apps. We bring together the setup and use of a smart home within one intuitive, context-aware, white-label UI (app) that we provide in an attractive subscription-based, pay-as-you-grow business model via Service Providers (B2B2C). Our solution is cloud-based and fully-managed and allows e.g. telco’s, energy and insurance companies to benefit from the steep uptake of the smart home market to increase their ARPU and reduce churn. At the same time, they improve their customer’s lives with the benefits of an affordable smart home solution to feel more secure, enjoy more comfort, live energy-efficient and be able to live longer at home when growing old or needing care.



Heatbox: The Self-Heating Lunchbox” autonomously heats up your meals anywhere, anytime. As people, we are continuously getting busier, day by day. Eating the right types of food at the right moment is crucial for our health and well-being. With unhealthy and often expensive take-out food restaurants, our diets and wallets are negatively impacted during our daily routines.

The boxes that do provide a warm and healthy meal often need a microwave to heat up the actual food, while a microwave is not always present. Heatbox is a self-heating lunchbox that takes away the dependency on microwaves, expensive take-out food and unhealthy alternatives. With a single push on the button or app, you can now enjoy you warm and healthy meal wherever you are, whenever you want in under 8 minutes.


Fluidensity: is a service provider of a full compliant Token Sale Platform based on blockchain technology. We offer token sale turnkey project solutions from the Netherlands. Via our platform, companies can issue your token sale in their corporate branded style. Our technology is scalable and integrates with leading technology providers for identity management (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), country white- and blacklisting, audit trails and support for multiple fiat- and crypto coins.



PYOUR Audio: is the only Smart Audio platform in the world that can offer all kinds of Smart Audio features in partnership with leading retail channels



Didux: Have you ever called your insurance company, telecom provider or energy supplier and had to give your first name, last name, birth date and last digits of your bank account? Not the best way to identify a person right? We created an app where a customer can create his identity through DIGID or another KYC solution provider. For companies, we created an API that can be installed on top of there CRM system. With this solution, a person can verify their identity when they call a company.



Th3rd: We offer 3D scanning as a service, a simple solution to create a high volume of 3D digital twins of your products to use in e-commerce



Facecode (Light Tree Ventures) offers skin therapy using smart technologies. Our products deliver non-invasive, simple/elegant and convenient solutions for common skin problems, allowing people to show their true beauty.

The Future of Life sciences

Verticals: med tech, health tech, sleep tech



Reducept: is the first game training especially designed for patients to reduce pain, help manage their chronic pain as well as educate them on how pain originates. By providing an evidence inspired unique combination of gaming and education, a reduction occurs after playing.



Arenar: While there many sleep trackers in the market, a product to actively induce sleep, improve sleep and induce lucid dreams in a natural way does not exist. iBand+ is a smart EEG brain-sensing and health tracking headband for sleep enhancement and lucid dreams induction with various sensory techniques. With the help of our easy-to-use wearable device, our mission is to enhance people’s quality of life through better sleep and make this sleep engineering technology accessible and adaptable to everyone.



EatMyRide: We predict for endurance sporters globally what, how much and when to eat nutrition, pre-, during and post-exercise by using sports performance data and AI/ML algorithms



Elitac: BalanceBelt aids people with vestibular loss to eliminate the need for a wheelchair and be able to walk (again). The BalanceBelt emits vibration signals to the user about the balance position. These signals are unconsciously translated into input to maintain balance.

envision technologies

Envision Technologies

Envision is an AI tool that works with smartphone and smartglasses to enable visually impaired people to be independent, by speaking out the visual information in front of them.



Hyko: All in one essential sleep product for families with kids. Which further evolves as an edutainment product during the day.

i-med tech

-Med Technology

i-Med Technology Digital Head-Mounted Loupe makes use of the latest in high resolution near to eye micro-display technology and is connected to a high-power wearable computer system. For the surgeon, that until now use optical loupes, this will be a major leap forward. By means of customized software, the head-mounted digital loupe can easily be adapted to any specialization.

For this purpose, a close collaboration with companies specializing in 3D-medical software has been established. The loupe makes surgery less invasive, much faster and reduces complications.



Microsure's MUSA is the world’s first surgical robot specifically designed for microsurgery. With MUSA, surgeons get better precision and stability, thereby opening up new treatment options and making high quality care more available for patients.



MindAffect  has developed low-cost and versatile a Brain Computer Interface. An EEG-wearable, that can be integrated in headware, interacts with blinking patterns that can be presented in apps, blinking LEDs or projections. The designer has never had so much freedom.


The NightWatch detects dangerous epileptic seizures during sleep. It is a wearable medical device that alerts caregivers remotely in the event of epileptic seizures during sleep.The NightWatch consists of a comfortable wireless armband that closely monitors heart rate and motion while the wearer is lying in bed. When the NightWatch detects a potentially severe seizure, a warning is transmitted to a caregiver via a wireless signal to the armband’s corresponding base station. The NightWatch is clinically proven to be effective. It has been tested over thousands of nights by the Dutch SEIN and Kempenhaeghe epilepsy centers and found to be significantly better than the alternative methods available.



Omnigen:  offers full personalisation of consumer goods based on genetic profiles. This customisation of products leads to personalised meals, recipes, fitness instruction videos, microwave meals, meal shakes etc all based on genetic fit from Direct-To-Consumer DNA testing.



Propeaq: We solve your sleep disorder caused by jetlag, shiftwork or seasonality by using our patented state-of-art Propeaq lightglasses, supported by 2 free apps and trusted by over 500 Olympic athletes and 1000+ professional healthcare workers around the world.



Plasmacure stimulates the healing of hard-to-heal wounds with its patented cold plasma solution called PLASOMA. PLASOMA consists of a small and portable pulser and a disposable cold plasma source (‘pad’). Care at wound clinics, at home and self-management.

The Future of Education & Enterprise

Verticals: edutech, Audio & Video, Enterprise Solutions, AI, Big Data



DialogueTrainer  provides a platform for communication training. Our online communication ‘flight simulator’ provides organizations the opportunity to train professionals in important skills and roles, while measuring strengths and learning objectives which become management information. For professionals our platform provides a safe learning environment where you can experiment and learn from your mistakes when it suits you.



Dimenco: Simulated Reality is a new form of spatial computing that combines light field computer vision and integrated sensors, to seamlessly interact with realistic 3D objects in a virtual environment. -without the need of any headwear or wearables.


Knowtice: Knowledge is the driving force of organizations and their success. Knowtice has developed the Knowledge Scorecard to manage and utilize knowledge capital and to reveal its value. It is the first automated, self-service and user-friendly solution ever for (e)valuating knowledge capital of organizations. The Knowledge Scorecard can be used by anyone with an interest in measuring, predicting and improving performance.

learned io Talent enablement solution that helps professionals to discover, learn and share new skills and is designed to enable businesses to easily structure and automate continuous performance management processes such as: coaching one-on-ones, goal setting interviews, performance reviews and learning management.



LoCoMoGo: 90% of the parents want their kids to learn to program. Educational toys can fill this desire, however right now these always focus on programming first and then on having fun. But that is like when a kid wants to play football, they first have to study the laws of physics. No no.. kids learn best by playing. That is why we invented LoCoMoGo; a physical toy train that teaches kids how to program in a playful manner. LoCoMoGo is fun, educational and keeps kids playing. Because 90% of the parents might want their kids to learn but 100% want them to have fun!

pandora itelligence

Pandora Intelligence

Pandora Intelligence: We created a scenario-based approach that is able to discover narratives in unstructured data. Additionally, we add real-time information to these narratives and generate intelligence-based scenarios that help Law Enforcement Agencies, (Non) Governmental Organisations and (commercial) companies to mitigate risks and enhance opportunities.



Braincreators BrainMatter facilitates the creation of high-quality structured datasets from any data source at scale for enterprises. The platform takes away the labor-intensive and costly operation of building large, high quality labeled datasets. Models are continuously trained and applied in the background to increase the speed and accuracy of the annotation process.



Scitodate's has its own AI algorithms, which track experiments and applications of scientific tools in scientific publications. So our clients are able to identify the research needs of their market and even reconstruct the labs of their customers using scientific publications. Our fast traction on both business and technology has attracted other major players, such as some of the largest scientific publishers. We are developing powerful partners to provide our technology for other value propositions in the scientific arena, such as establishing a foothold in the pharmaceutical industry.



 Watermelon is a Chatbot Management Platform that enables you to create your own digital colleague without needing to code. With Watermelon technology, you can make your customer service department future-proof and ensure it’s 24/7 availability.n



The problem that SenseGlove is solving is that with current controllers naturally interacting in AR and VR is impossible. With SenseGlove you can feel the virtual environment, which forces you to have a natural interaction.



Morphotonics develops and sells unique roll-to-plate (R2P) production technology for imprinting nano- or microstructures on large area substrates. This Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) imprint equipment and consumables enable mass production of nano- or micropatterns at low cost and high optical precision. Morphotonics serves the market introduction of new consumer products in the display, automotive, lighting and solar industries. In displays, Morphotonics enables its customers to mass-produce features like haptics (touch), 3D imaging, augmented reality and holographic imaging, which are all at the current epicenter of innovation. In solar, the energy yield is drastically improved by light trapping. Morphotonics R2P production technology has been adopted by leading customers in Europe, United States and Asia.