Connector Terms and Conditions for Startups

    1. and the Connector Programme
    1.1 We are Stichting DutchStartHub (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "Techleap"). Our goal is
    making the Netherlands the number 1 tech ecosystem in the world. We try to achieve this by
    providing specific services to advanced start-up entrepreneurs. Those services among other
    things include creating and managing an information and knowledge system about the Dutch
    startup ecosystem.

    1.2 The Connector Programme is designed to increase relevant connections, and therefore
    collaboration, for Dutch startups and investors in the national and international investor
    community by increasing their visibility.

    1.3 These general terms and conditions (the "Terms") apply to our Connector Programme. By
    clicking the button that you agree thereto and submitting your information through the online
    forms, you indicate that you have read, understood and agree to these Terms.

    2. Participation
    2.1 To take part in the Connector Programme you may apply through our online application funnel. To become a participant your company must in any event be:
    2.1.1 founded 10 years ago or less;
    2.1.2 active in the technology industry;
    2.1.3 founded in the Netherlands; and
    2.1.4 be organized as a Dutch besloten vennootschap (B.V.) or naamloze vennootschap (N.V.).
    2.1.5 Additionally, Techleap's admission committee has full discretion in assessing whether in their view your company is ready to participate in the Connector Programme.
    2.2 Our admission committee will let you know as soon as possible upon receipt of your application and within four weeks ultimately about your admission or rejection. Their communication will be final.

    3. Other services
    3.1 Participation in the Connector Programme does not entail a right to participate in any other of our programmes or an entitlement to receive other services from us, as listed on our website. Such programmes and services are governed by separate terms and conditions, as can be found on our website.

    4. Fees & Costs
    4.1 Becoming and being a participant in the Connector Programme is free of charge.
    4.2 That said, in return for the services that we provide we expect you to:
    4.2.1 Be engaged and on top of all communication that arises from the Connector, so the process will remain speedy for all parties involved;
    4.2.2 Regularly report back to us on your fundraising process, as provided in the Connector;
    4.2.3 Provide us with feedback when we ask you for this, in order for us to continuously improve the Programme for you and your fellow startups; and
    4.2.4 Actively participate and share in knowledge sessions and/or events around the Programme, if these are being organized.

    5. Termination Participation
    5.1 We are all professionals and we are all grown-ups, so we would not expect our relationship to grow sour. Should that nevertheless occur then we may terminate your involvement with immediate effect. This may for example be the case if you provided false information at your application, you breach any of these general terms and conditions, you mistreat any of our staff or any other participant, your public communication or communication with investors, co-participants or us is inappropriate or if your behaviour otherwise negatively affects our services.
    5.2 If your participation is terminated, you will no longer be able to access or participate in our services. However, we emphasize that any termination of your participation will not trigger any charge or fee. This may only be different where you have caused any damage, or where you have subscribed to or applied for any (additional) service that involved fees or costs that we cannot recover. We will of course notify you in advance if any service is subject to costs or fees and the effect thereon of any termination of your participation.

    6. Confidentiality and media
    6.1 We ask you to act sensibly with all information that is shared with you in the context of the Connector Programme, acting always on the assumption that it is confidential. Please seek clear prior permission from us, fellow entrepreneurs and/or investors (as the case may be) before disclosing information externally. You can obviously share any information within your company and investors.

    7. Data Collection and Data Sharing
    7.1 For potential participation in the Connector Programme, the data set out in Annex A may have to be submitted.
    7.2 For information about the ways we process personal data and other information you provide in the context of the Connector Programme, please be referred to the Privacy Policy Teachleap Connector Programme in Annex B.

    8. Representation and relationship
    8.1 The person indicated as such in your online submission may duly represent your company in entering into this agreement, either directly, as a director empowered to do so, or indirectly, on the basis of an adequate power of attorney provided by a director empowered to do so.
    8.2 References in these Terms to "you" must be understood as references to the company that you represent.
    8.3 We are contracting as independent parties and are not forming a joint venture or partnership

    9. Modifications, choice of law and choice of court
    9.1 We may make changes to these Terms. For example, it may be that further data is required. We will timely inform you thereof. Should you not agree to any change, you may of course terminate your participation at any time by notifying us of your decision at
    9.2 These Terms are exclusively governed by Dutch law.
    9.3 Although we aim to avoid this, we cannot exclude that a dispute may arise with respect to our services or these general terms and conditions. Should this be the case we will try to settle this amicably. If this would not lead to a solution satisfactory to both parties, each party may take their case to the exclusively competent court of Amsterdam.

    Annex A

    Annex B

    This is the Privacy Policy of Stichting DutchStartHub (hereinafter referred to as "Techleap," "we," "us" or "our"), with address at Fred. Roeskestraat 115. 1076 EE Amsterdam and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 62045695. Techleap is the data controller with respect to the processing of personal data as described in this Privacy Policy. In this Privacy Policy, we inform you about the ways we process personal data and other information you provide in the context of the Techleap Connector Programme, in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR"). Personal data within the meaning of the GDPR is any information relating to identified or identifiable natural person (which is you). Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and on a regular basis to get a clear understanding of how we handle data in connection with the Connector Programme. If you have any concerns or questions that cannot be answered by this Privacy Policy, you can contact us by using our contact details listed under the 'How you can contact us' section below.

    When you apply for taking part in our Connector Programme as a start-up or investor, we ask for the following information about you and your start-up:
    ● Personal data: full name, email address, phone number, your role / function within your company.
    ● Company information: company name, company type, registration number in Dutch chamber of commerce, company website, location of headquarters, city, founding year
    ● Background information: In addition, we ask start-ups and investors to respond to a number of questions to get more insight in their business. See for more information the Connector Programme application form.

    We use the above personal data and information for the following purposes and legal basis:
    For assessing your application and eligibility to take part in the Connector Programme (legal basis: the processing is necessary for the performance of the Connector Programme participation agreement, including pre-contractual steps - art. 6 (1) b GDPR)
    For creating your user account and managing your Connector Programme profile (legal basis: the processing is necessary for the performance of the Connector Programme participation agreement, including pre-contractual steps - art. 6 (1) b GDPR)
    For contacting you in relation to the Connector Programme (legal basis: the processing is necessary for the performance of the Connector Programme participation agreement, including pre-contractual steps - art. 6 (1) b GDPR)
    To optimize and improve the Connector Programme (legal basis: the processing is necessary for purposes of our legitimate interest - art. 6 (1) f GDPR).
    For general compliance purposes. This may include the prevention and detection of fraud and other criminal activities, the resolution of disputes and/or the retention and disclosure of information as required by applicable legislation and/or public authorities (legal basis: the processing is necessary for purposes of our legitimate interest - art. 6 (1) f GDPR or compliance with our legal obligation - article 6.1 (c) GDPR, as applicable).

    We do not ask for, collect or process any special categories of data about you for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, unless you voluntarily provide such information. Special categories of personal data are often referred to as ‘sensitive’ personal data and include information relating to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health or sexual life.


    Sharing personal data and information is essential for the success of the Connector Programme. The Connector Programme is designed to increase relevant connections and create collaborations between Dutch start-ups and investors in the national and international investor community, by increasing their visibility.

    When you take part in the Connector Programme as a start-up, investors get access to high level information relating to your company, and can connect with you in case they see your start-up as an investment opportunity. After your permission, more data becomes available, which includes certain personal data. Investors may also connect with each other and exchange information, with your permission, about your company for this purpose.

    We also share high level information about your start-up with national and international investors to generate additional funding opportunities for Dutch start-ups. In that context, only high-level data shall be made available through a statistical report that will be shared with a limited set of curated investors, to facilitate interaction and/or matchmaking between you, as a start-up, and this set of investors.

    We also use third parties such as IT service providers to perform services on our behalf. When we share personal data and information with third parties, we ensure that we take the necessary contractual, technical and organizational measures to safeguard that personal data and information relating to you is protected and only used for the purposes for which such personal data and information is shared.

    We do not share personal data and information with third parties other than as specified above, unless you have given your consent or when we are obligated by law (e.g. in the event of a lawful request by a court or authority).

    We will only retain the personal data and information you provide to us for as long as this is necessary in the context of your participation in the Connector Programme. When your application has been denied or your participation has terminated, we will delete the personal data and information you provided to us or render it anonymous.

    In determining the appropriate data retention period, we will also take into account specific data retention obligations arising from other laws than the GDPR (e.g. tax or accounting obligations), which laws may prohibit the deletion of data before expiry of the minimum retention period.

    In case the retention of certain personal data and information is needed for a legal claim or other legal issue, we will retain such data and information for as long as that issue is ongoing up to when the statute of limitation has expired.

    We are committed to protecting your personal data and information, and we have implemented technical and organizational measures to ensure the personal data and information we process is protected from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration or destruction, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

    Under the GDPR you have certain rights in relation to your personal data, as detailed below. We will respect your statutory rights and comply with your request insofar as we are legally required to. Please be aware that not all rights are absolute and that we may have legitimate grounds to refuse your request.

    At any given time, you can file a request to access, correct or erase your personal data. Furthermore it is your right to request the limitation of processing your personal data, and, if applicable, to object against further processing thereof and/or request porting of your personal data to another data controller. When you have given us your consent to use your personal data, you can withdraw your consent at any time. Do note that withdrawing your consent is not affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

    You can exert your rights by contacting us by using the contact details listed under the 'How you can contact us' section below. At any time, you have the right also file a complaint in relation to the processing of your personal data with the Dutch data protection authority; the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens

    If you have any questions about how we process your personal data or want to exercise one of your rights, you can contact us at:

    We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect changes in the way we process personal data and information or as a result of legal developments. We will make available the most recent version of this Privacy Policy to you by posting it on our website and/or by sending you an email.

    This Privacy Policy was lastly updated on 30 March 2022

    Please find here the relevant terms and conditions.