Connector Terms and Conditions for Investors

1. and the Connector Programme

1.1 We are Stichting DutchStartHub (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "Techleap"). Our goal is making the Netherlands the number 1 tech ecosystem in the world. We try to achieve this by providing specific services to advanced start-up entrepreneurs. Those services among other things include creating and managing an information and knowledge system about the Dutch start-up ecosystem.

1.2 The Connector Programme is designed to increase relevant connections, and therefore collaboration, for Dutch start-ups and investors in the national and international investor community by increasing their visibility and connecting start-up and investors ("Services").

1.3 These general terms and conditions (the "Terms") apply to our Connector Programme. By clicking the button that you, as a (potential) investor in a start-up ("Investor"), agree thereto and submitting your information through the online forms, you indicate that you have read, understood and agree to these Terms, including the Privacy Statement and the Investor Pledge.

2. Participation
2.1 In order to be eligible to participate as an Investor in the Connector Programme, the Investor shall provide to Techleap the data as set out in Clause 6 of these Terms. 

2.2  Techleap will inform the Investor as soon as possible whether the Investor will be admitted to the Connector Programme. As Techleap has to balance the interest of various stakeholders, it retains the right to decide in its sole discretion to reject the participation of an Investor.

2.3. Investor shall fully comply with and adhere to these Terms and the Investor Pledge, which is attached as Annex A

3. Other Services
3.1Participation in the Connector Programme does not entail a right to participate in any other of our programmes or an entitlement to receive other services from us, as listed on our website. Such programmes and services are governed by separate terms and conditions, as can be found on our website.

4.No Services Fees
4.1 Becoming and being a participant in the Connector Programme is free of charge.

4.2 That said, in return for the Services that we provide we would be grateful if you could:
4.2.1 Be engaged with all communication that arises from the Connector Programme, so the process will remain speedy for all parties involved;
4.2.2Provide us with feedback in order for us to continuously improve the Connector Programme for both start-ups and Investors.
4.2.3 The Connector Programme and our Services are provided to you on an "as is" basis. To the extent permitted by the applicable law, Techleap is not liable for any damages and/or costs incurred by you with respect to the (participation in the) Connector Programme and/or use of our Services. 

5. Termination Participation
5.1 You may at any time decide to terminate your participation in the Connector Programme at no costs.

5.2 We are all professionals and we are all grown-ups, so we would not expect our relationship to grow sour. Should that nevertheless occur then we may decide to terminate your involvement in the Connector Programme with immediate effect. This may for example be the case if you provided false information to us, you breach any of these Terms or the Investor Pledge, you mistreat any of our staff or any other participant, your public communication or communication with other Investors, co-participants or us is inappropriate or if your behaviour otherwise negatively affects our services.     

5.3 If your participation is terminated by us, you will no longer be able to access or participate in the Connector Programme and/or use our services, including any other services rendered by us. However, we emphasize that any termination of your participation by us will not trigger any charge or fee.

6. Data Collection and Data Sharing
6.1 For potential participation in the Connector Programme, the Investor should provide to Techleap the data set out in Annex B.

6.2 For information about the ways we process personal data and other information you provide in the context of the Connector Programme, please be referred to the Privacy Policy Techleap Connector Programme in Annex C.

7. Representation and relationship
7.1 The person indicated as such in your online submission may duly represent your company in entering into this agreement, either directly, as a director empowered to do so, or indirectly, on the basis of an adequate power of attorney provided by a director empowered to do so.

7.2 References in these Terms to "you" must be understood as references to the company that you represent.

7.3 We are contracting as independent parties and are not forming a joint venture or partnership.

8. Modifications, choice of law and choice of court
8.1 We may make changes to these Terms and/or the Investor Pledge. For example, it may be that further data is required. We will timely inform you thereof. Should you not agree to any change, you may of course terminate your participation at any time by notifying us of your decision at

8.2 These Terms are exclusively governed by Dutch law, excluding its principles of conflict laws.

8.3 Although we aim to avoid this, we cannot exclude that a dispute may arise with respect to our Services, these Terms and/or the Investor Pledge. Should this be the case we will try to settle this amicably. If this would not lead to a solution satisfactory to both the Investor and Techleap, each party may take their case to the competent court of Amsterdam, which shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


1. I will do my utmost to act in the best interest of the company, supporting its long-term

2. I will respect a company's scarce time, momentum and resources. I will be straightforward
about the likelihood of my investment so that the company can pursue all options available. I
will only issue a proposed Term Sheet if I have a firm intention to invest and its terms will be
genuine. I will only ask for materials that I need and which ideally already exist.

3. I will be transparent about any actual or potential conflicts of interest between (long-term
success of) a company, its entrepreneur(s) and myself (including my portfolio). I will
immediately let a company know if there are actual or potential competitors in our portfolio.

4. I will let the entrepreneur(s) set the strategic course of the company. In principle, my
investments will not be made in installments per milestone.

5. I will act sensibly with all information that is shared with me, acting always on the
assumption that it is confidential. I will seek clear prior permission from the entrepreneur(s)
before I disclose information, including when external parties assist in due diligence
research. I will speak with a company's customers only after I've received clear permission.

6. I am aware of, and will not exploit, information asymmetry. In negotiations, I ensure that in
terms of information on the meaning and implications of a subject the entrepreneur(s) and
myself will be on equal footing. I will be honest about what standard terms in the industry

7. I will not seek an unreasonable equity stake in a company (neither directly, nor indirectly),
in the interest of the company's long-term growth. I will actively support co-investment and
appreciate that the company may incentivize and reward employees with shares.

8. I will not seek an unreasonable share in a company's proceeds, in case of any sale (e.g.
through preferred shares with a liquidation multiple).

9. I strive to invest in companies that are consciously working on creating a diverse leadership
team, inclusive across gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disabilities and national
origins. While I would never impose hiring decisions, I will ask that women are represented
in leadership roles.

10. As an investor I am aware of my position of strength. I will not abuse this, including through
any form of mental, physical or other type of harassment.