CES 2020 Dutch Mission

We're bringing 50 Dutch startups to one of the world's biggest technology conferences. Future-proof the world with us at Eureka Park, Holland Tech Square - Booth #51726

What is CES?

CES is the “Consumer Electronics Show.” Held in Las Vegas each year in early January, this event brings together 182.000 visitors, of whom some 40% are from all over the world. Truly making CES the true global platform of innovation to validate your product and attract interest in it from all over the world.

Why are we taking Startups there?

CES offers a fantastic opportunity for Dutch companies to engage with an international audience of investors, potential partners and new customers. Previous years visits have seen new business generation for the companies involved with market-leading multinationals and 95% of startups who joined would recommend it to others.

With approximately 200,000 visitors, CES is the largest technology fair in the world. Every year, the latest technologies and next-generation innovations are shown to the market. The focus this year is more than ever on presenting resilient technologies that will make the world future-proof and offer solutions to social and global challenges in the areas of the energy transition, healthy living, health and sustainability, water and food, and smart cities.



"We have a full pipeline in the US once we are ready for them and we have a go-to-market strategy laid out for us from the people we met and their feedback."

Rudo Bisschop, Co-Founder Th3rd - CES 2019 Delegation Member



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