A fast-growing team, here to make an impact

Who we are

We are Techleap.nl. We're a team passionate about making the Netherlands become the no.1 tech ecosystem in the world. Funded by the Dutch government and launched in July 2019 with a 4-year mandate to accelerate the ecosystem.

Through our programs and initiatives, we break down barriers and improve access to talent, capital, networks, knowledge and markets. 

What we do

We empower leaders in tech

We empower (upcoming) leaders in tech to leave a footprint on the world. In all we do, we will emphasise diversity and inclusion and encourage others to do so also.

We quantify

We look to gather insights, data and research to find the challenges the ecosystem faces before we launch a program. We create knowledge as the basis of our work by revealing insights about the tech ecosystem through our tools and reports.

We accelerate

We look to accelerate the growth of the ecosystem by plugging its gaps through sharing knowledge and with new programs and initiatives in the areas of technology, markets, capital and talent. When it is fully within our span of control we will take that lead. In other cases, we serve as a facilitator to boost progress based on solid and validated research and connections.

We know the tech leaders

We aim to know all the future Dutch leaders in tech and the business needs of startup founders. With this knowledge, we connect founders and stakeholders to whoever can be relevant in being supportive of the growth of their companies.

We act as One Single Hub

We collaborate with regional innovation partners and act as the connector within the One Single Hub, because the only chance to outperform as the Netherlands, is when we join forces and empower people together.

We partner with the government

We act as a knowledge partner for the government on issues that either could accelerate or slow down the impact of tech innovators for the Dutch economy and society. We will challenge governments to create an internationally competitive environment for disruptive business. Intervening when regulations hinder the scaling of these companies and take appropriate action. Together we monitor the startup policy agenda and keep it up to date.

Join the team!

We're looking for people passionate about having a real impact on the Dutch tech ecosystem. Help us build the home for tomorrow's leaders in technology.