A curated community of top founders and CxOs in the Netherlands.



The best startup communities started with a group of top founders who got connected, helped each other, and led by example. Founders have better chance of success with peer support i.e. being connected to people with similar challenges, at the same time. That’s why we kickstarted BOLD.



BOLD is a curated community of top founders and CxOs. Leaders from these companies are part of BOLD so far:

Further, Dutch scale leaders like Corinne Vigreux, Frank Slootman, Gillian Tans, and Robert Vis, are also contributing and giving back to the BOLD community.



BOLD will connect the community through content that addresses their key challenges. 

To achieve this, there’s ongoing series of programmes and events, hosted exclusively with and for the BOLD community.

    Selection criteria

    1. A Founder (or C-level) of a Dutch tech scale-up with:

      ● HQ Netherlands
      ● Product-market fit
      ● One of the two: 3M+ in funding raised or in ARR
      ● Revenue growth 50%+ YoY
      ● Clear path towards internationalising
      ● 20+ FTE
      ● Diverse leadership
      ● Founder mentality: growth mindset, ambition, give back. No assholes.

    2. Tech criteria

      ● Data, cloud, soft- or hardware tech central to value creation
      ● Positioning with technology as clear differentiation
      ● Building a product that scales rather than selling services
      ● Employing significant (>30%) technical talent

    3. We add value to the companies who are:

      ● looking to expand their headcount in the next 12 months
      ● looking to raise significant capital to expand their operations
      ● scaling beyond NL
      ● yearly experiencing significant growth in revenues


    • If you are part of BOLD, you don’t have to pay any participation fees. We seek no equity, therefore there are no costs involved for you to join the community.

    • As we are currently in the very early stages of shaping BOLD, we decided to keep the applications for joining the community invite-only for now. That said, once we transition into a recruitment phase, we will open up the application process on our website and announce it on our social media channels. If you’d like to be informed firsthand when the applications open, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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