BOLD Community

Welcome to BOLD - a curated community of 400+ Dutch scaleup founders & CxOs that accelerate innovation together.


Why a community?

There is a clear lack of connectedness in the Dutch tech ecosystem which is preventing founders from scaling their tech and business at speed. That’s why we kick-started BOLD.


What to expect?

BOLD is a safe space where top founders can connect with 400+ peers, openly share challenges, and find solutions together. Get access to exclusive members-only events to learn from most-successful (former) founders. BOLD is a free curated community - no cost or equity to join.

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Who is BOLD for?

BOLD is aimed at tech-heavy scale founders with over 3mio in revenue and who have a genuine desire to learn from their peers, and to give back. It's curated to ensure the right fit. 


BOLD Activities

We connect the community through content that addresses their key challenges. There is an ongoing series of programmes and events, hosted exclusively with and for the BOLD community. With Corinne Vigreux, Frank Slootman, Gillian Tans and Robert Vis in the ranks, BOLD members are in the company of (tech) greatness.

A look back at our BOLD Community Kick-off event

Watch this 2-min aftermovie to feel the BOLD atmosphere


What is’s role? is the ‘catalyst’ in kick-starting BOLD. Things we do to help build this community, we:

  • Curate and bring the founders together;
  • Build common spaces for them to connect;
  • Organise events and bring in experts;
  • Build a knowledge base and provide valuable insights to members

Community values

  • Techleap

    Growth Mindset.

    Everyone in the community is there to share and learn

  • Techleap

    Safe Space.

    Nothing shared in BOLD is repeated outside the programmes and sessions (without explicit permission)

  • Techleap

    Give Back.

    Give Back is THE core value of our community. We strongly believe that those who selflessly give back, and help level up our tech ecosystem are the real changemakers and deserve to be widely acknowledged and celebrated. 

Some of the hard and soft criteria to join BOLD

  1. Hard criteria:

    ● HQ Netherlands
    ● Product-market fit
    ● One of the two: 3M+ in funding raised or in ARR
    ● Revenue growth 50%+ YoY
    ● Clear path towards internationalising
    ● 20+ FTE
    ● Diverse leadership
    ● Founder mentality: growth mindset, ambition, give back. No assholes.

  2. Tech criteria:

    ● Data, cloud, soft- or hardware tech central to value creation
    ● Positioning with technology as clear differentiation
    ● Building a product that scales rather than selling services
    ● Employing significant (>30%) technical talent

  3. Soft criteria - companies who are:

    ● Looking to expand their headcount in the next 12 months
    ● Looking to raise significant capital to expand their operations
    ● Scaling beyond NL
    ● Yearly experiencing significant growth in revenues


  • If you are part of BOLD, you don’t have to pay any participation fees. We seek no equity, therefore there are no costs involved for you to join the community.

  • If you have any questions or recommendations for us in relation to BOLD, please email at

  • If you've been invited to join BOLD, you’ll be receiving a digest of all the upcoming activities via our community newsletter. So keep an eye on your inbox to never miss an update.