Techleap Giving Back Award: Celebrating the role models of the Dutch tech ecosystem

A big part of the Dutch tech ecosystem's successes can be attributed to founders, investors, mentors, and other professionals who selflessly give back to the ecosystem through their work & initiatives. We believe the real changemakers deserve to be publicly recognised for their commitments and celebrated for their input into the Dutch tech present & future. To further foster the act of giving back within the Dutch tech scene, for the first time ever, we are launching the Giving Back Award. This award aims to put on the pedestal those who’ve been continuously empowering other ecosystem members to think bigger and scale their ambitions to international levels.


Nominate your role model for the 2022 Giving Back Awards!

Starting as of March 29th, you can nominate anyone from the Dutch tech ecosystem, be it a founder, investor, philanthropist, or role model for the Giving Back Award. 

All you have to do is fill out this form, indicating who you’d like to nominate and for which merits.

Nominate now

Criteria & process

The main criteria we will consider when shortlisting the winner is the person’s proven track record of past, present, and future activities that delivered significant value for the development of the Dutch tech ecosystem (e.g. initiatives aimed at creating and supporting scalable tech companies).

By April 22nd we will personally inform the three shortlisted finalists about being selected as well as will introduce them to our wider audience via social channels. The three Giving Back Award finalists will be selected by a team of juries, consisting of a Shine company, a Rise member, and a Dutch tech unicorn. On May 12th, we will officially reveal the award winner. Until then, please share the nomination form with your network and keep an eye on our LinkedIn & Twitter for more updates!

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