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Whether you are looking to find startups, investors, founders, or other ecosystem players, startup Finder will help you do it for free! The open-access database gives you an overview of different stakeholders within the Dutch startup ecosystem. In partnership with Dealroom, maintains and updates the Finder database continuously. The only thing you need to do is make a Dealroom account and you will have open access to:

As a startup owner, you can market and benchmark yourself by claiming your startup profile/ update it or create it if it is not already there. When you have claimed your startup, you can start updating your profile and/ or verify the information available. Having an updated profile would increase your visibility to investors, potential clients and others within the ecosystem in the Netherlands and abroad. It is a great way to get discovered, raise capital, and get more exposure for your company!) 


As an investor (VC) or accelerator, you can browse through the startups list available and filter startups by industry, current growth stage, previous funding rounds etc. Aside from this, you can also claim your profile and verify your information so you get more inbound opportunities. Finder is one of the most comprehensive free databases of Dutch startups and scaleups. Therefore, it helps you scout for new and innovative companies relevant for your portfolio! 

As a regional hub representative, you can help us verify and check if all startups within your community are well represented in Finder. Increase the visibility of startups within your region nationwide and for international audiences, and improve their chances of getting discovered and have them included in industry reports. 


As an expert/ consultant/ corporate you can track down specific innovations / startups of all stages related to your industry focus - for potential corporate startup collaborations, or even up to Mergers & Acquisitions. Simply use the filter bar to search for companies within your specific verticals/ sub-industry. If a startup(s) within your network is not visible in Finder, you can always notify us.  

As a student and aspiring entrepreneur- as a student, if you have specific interest to conduct research related to accessing startups data, you can reach out either directly to Dealroom or the data team. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you are always welcome to create a free account, browse, access our other tools and use Finder as preliminary market research for your startup ideas! 


Current user types 

The community and users of the Finder consist of startup owners/employees, investors, accelerators, regional hubs, organisations/ community, corporates and others. Currently the Finder has attracted a total of 2292 users. The breakdown of user type can be seen in the figure above. 

Why is adding your profile on Finder important? 

The Finder is one of the main databases used by to create reports and project validations. Having your profile claimed and updated means that you will be taken into account for any reports and project validations, thus allowing us to further improve our scope and provide better targeted projects/ interventions for the benefit of the Dutch tech ecosystem. 

Finder Accessibility 

In order for you to access all results/ pages of the Finder you will need to create a free account. Below is the overview of different types of accounts: 

Anonymous = Can view our curated landscape, a page view is limited to 25 results, no export

Free account = Can view our curated landscape and list, all results are shown, no export

Premium account = Can view our curated landscape and list, all results are shown, with export

For any further questions on how to switch from a free account to a premium account, please contact Dealroom or Bella Suwarso (


Start Up Finder

Investor, startup, or simply interested in the ecosystem, the Finder tool allows you to research promising companies, spot trends and find emerging industries.

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