The State of Dutch Tech in 2020

Watch the video where Constantijn van Oranje is highlighting the importance startups have for the Dutch economy, the current state of the tech landscape in the Netherlands, and the potential future direction of the startup ecosystem. Learn more about what 2020 has brought to the Dutch tech, where we stand at the moment in relation to other European ecosystems, and how we can maximise the opportunities of 2021.

Let's scale Dutch tech!

  • Why startups are so important to the Dutch tech ecosystem?
  • What is needed for the Netherlands to stay relevant?
  • How tech companies are the ones driving global transitions?
  • Who are the companies that started out as small startups and now bring their technology to billions?

Watch the video to get the answers to all your questions about the Dutch tech ecosystem.

Techleap Action plan 2021

Read our Action plan 2021 to understand better what is doing on a daily basis. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate drivers and remove the barriers to entrepreneurial success. But how we do it and with who? Download now the Action plan 2021 to get the answers.

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