Techleap Job Board: our goals & benefits for the startup ecosystem

We’re very excited to announce’s startup job board: the Netherlands’ largest directory of curated startup jobs. It’ll help startups with one of their major challenges: attracting top talent. If you are looking for your next career move, the best startup opportunities can now be found in one place.

Why did we launch our own job board?

For the past two years, our employment reports have indicated that startups are the fastest job growth engine in the Netherlands. They’re creating jobs faster than any other individual sector, at 8% annual growth rate (source: Startup Employment Report 2020). At the same time, talent is scarce. Startups are competing against large corporations and big tech for the same talent. This results in a fragmented talent market in which it’s extremely difficult to reach talent, especially for smaller companies.’s mission is to empower Dutch tech startups, so we’re keen on helping them hire talent. 

Additionally, due to the COVID-19 crisis, unemployment has been increasing throughout 2020, resulting in +26% more unemployed talent in Q2 of 2020, compared to Q1 (source: Furthermore, by 2022, the ROA expects increasing bottlenecks in hiring software and application developers, as well as data & network specialists (source: As a result, now it is more important than ever to facilitate vacancy visibility for promising Dutch startups and ease the job-hunting search for ambitious candidates looking to become part of the Dutch startup scene.


The Dutch job market is fragmented, so we’re very happy to be able to help startups and talent find each other through our new platform

Sebastiaan Roebroek, programme manager Talent Job Board: benefits & how it works

To help solve the aforementioned challenges, we’ve decided to create our own Job Board, which represents an overview of the best startup jobs in the Netherlands. What is special about it? There is zero effort needed from the startups - we find their vacancies automatically - by making sure these vacancies get discovered by the candidates looking for them. This way, we help startups hire faster and with no costs involved, so they can focus on their core business: innovating. Is your company not listed on the board yet? Let us know by submitting an application form here.

At the same time, if you’re considering your next career move, will serve as a one-stop shop for both vacancies and education. Our user-friendly interface allows you to filter vacancies by companies, locations (all across the Netherlands), and job functions of your interest.

On top of the 2000+ vacancies, we’re also publishing relevant articles and content about nailing your next job search or interview, written by ecosystem experts. Wondering what the perfect CV looks like? We got you covered. Want to make sure to impress during that next interview? Here’s how. 

Joint effort with regional partners 

Together with our partners - we’ve made a selection of 700+ startups to be featured on the platform, and we’ll further collaborate with relevant stakeholders to identify more vacancies over the next few months. Regional partners such as UpRotterdam and StartupUtrecht have made a selection specifically for their regions, so make sure to check their pages here and here. We’ve also made sure to highlight the jobs of our very own Rise participants here

The vacancies are pulled in on a daily basis, and new content with high-quality learnings and advice about finding a job in the Dutch startup ecosystem can be expected every week.

*We’re working with a set of criteria to ensure the quality of the platform. The requirements for startups can be found on 


Check our Job Board out!

Browse 2000+ vacancies from 700+ companies from the Dutch tech ecosystem. 

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