Dutch Startup Committed to Susatinability


This report brings together startups, scaleups and investors across the Dutch Tech Ecosystem to give a comprehensive overview of companies helping with the energy transition and the challenges they face.

The COVID-19 crisis has shocked the world, however, it opened a unique opportunity for us to create a new normal - a more sustainable & climate-focused one. Startups and scaleups provide us with the best opportunity of pursuing this future and helping towards durable and resilient economic recovery. This report includes:

    • International benchmarking to understand how the Netherlands startup ecosystem compares to other countries

    • A deep dive into the most pressing challenges Dutch startups face when scaling up in this field

    • An in-depth ecosystem mapping showcasing all stakeholders involved helping to support these companies

    • Profiles of the Rise companies that provide examples of how tech is helping build a greener future.

We would like to thank our ecosystem partners The Next Web and Invest-NL for their collaboration & contribution to publishing this report.

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