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  • The Potential of Emerging Technology in the Netherlands Report

    The Potential of Emerging Technology in the Netherlands Report

    This report analyses the current position of the Dutch startup ecosystem in the deep tech sector as well as highlights the deep tech opportunities available to be seized. The research provides further insights into the winning strategies to intervene in the deep tech ecosystem.

  • Artificial Intelligence Startups & Scaleups in the Netherlands 2021

    Artificial Intelligence Startups & Scaleups in the Netherlands 2021

    This report provides research insights into the level of AI adoption within the tech ecosystem in the Netherlands and contains a selection of hurdles AI companies face in the Health sector.

  • The State of Dutch Tech 2020 Report

    The State of Dutch Tech 2020 Report

    The State of Dutch Tech 2020 report provides a data-driven overview of the Dutch tech landscape in 2020: where the Netherlands stood in relation to other European ecosystems, the challenges we’ve been facing as well as the future direction we need to take in 2021. 

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  • Job Board is live!

    A free and transparent overview of (almost) all jobs in the startup ecosystem of the Netherlands. Find 2000+ vacancies from 700+ tech startups from all over the Netherlands. 

  • The Scale Lab podcast

    The Scale Lab is a podcast on how to scale up your startup beyond the Netherlands. Hosted by Constantijn van Oranje and Joe Wilson, this podcast series gathers remarkable Dutch entrepreneurs who were able to create breakthrough startups to deconstruct their scaling journeys. 

  • Key takeaways of the 2021 Summit

    In this article, we've compiled a summary of key highlights per summit session, featuring key speakers' quotes and an overview of core takeaways.

  • Go Global

    GoGlobal has been created for all ambitious entrepreneurs that want to expand their business abroad and become a serious player in the international business markets. This website is your one and only ultimate guide on global expansion with valuable data and interactive maps, regional insights, video tips from fellow Dutch entrepreneurs, checklist and must-knows. And much more!

  • Let's #KickstartNL, read our election manifesto

    Signed by over 200+ investors, startups and ecosystem builders, understand our collaborative vision for the future of the Dutch Startup Ecosystem and the policy changes we see having an impact!

  • Check our vacancies and make an impact on the startup ecosystem

    Our team is dedicated to make the Netherlands “a unicorn nation”. We help the next generation of tech leaders with unique programs to give founders of tech companies access to technology, talent, capital and markets.