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Quantifying the Dutch Tech Ecosystem

Through reports and data-driven insights, we map the tech ecosystem of the Netherlands to offer analysis and a deeper understanding.
  • Counter bridging finance for innovative companies stands at 630 million
    Dashboard COL & TOPSS May 13
    Dashboard COL-regeling Corona-OverbruggingsLening, voor aanvragen tot €2M
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    Dashboard COL & TOPSS
    Dashboard with numbers between 29 April 9 o'clock - 6 May 9 o'clock From 13 May, the dashboard will be supplemented with figures on allocations and rejections.
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    Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2019
    Ranking cities from around the globe on a wide-ranging number of factors, the Startup Genome report provides an objective look at how cities are fairing at embracing startups.
    Startup Genome, Crunchbase & (Formerly StartupDelta) View View